Local flexibility markets

Flexfaktablad webb

The white paper examines Sweden’s evolving electricity grid, focusing on the development of local flexibility markets as a response to the increasing demand for grid flexibility. The paper details the differences of these markets, highlighting the roles of various stakeholders, including grid owners, market operators, and flexibility providers, in managing demand and supply through innovative trading methods. It showcases pilot projects across six regions, addressing technical, financial, and regulatory challenges while underscoring the importance of enhanced cooperation, standardization, and incentives for market participants.

– For some time now, we have seen an increasing interest in flexibility, from both potential buyers and suppliers. But it is a complex area with many actors who need to cooperate and find a common strategy with the markets develop in a way that can involve everyone. Therefore, we believe this white paper is an important contribution to the industry, says Anna Wolf, electrical system expert and deputy CEO at Power Circle. 

The paper aligns with Sweden’s 2022 national strategy for electrification and the EU’s directive for competitive electricity markets, emphasizing the need for flexible, efficient grid solutions in an increasingly electrified society.

Read the white paper here

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