A network for smart electrification

Power Circle is a Swedish nonprofit organization focused on building knowledge and networks to accelerate the energy transition. 

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What we do


We have a vibrant network with partners from academia, energy companies and technology providers. We create space for knowledge sharing and networking.


We do research on future issues related to the power system. We share our results and our knowledge with diferent stakeholders with the aim of accelerating the transition.


We create inspirational events and forums for dialogue between government, industry, academia and society. We spark inspiration through participation on various arenas.


We bring together stakeholders that are part of the ongoing energy transition.

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Let's accelerate the transition

Power Circle is a Swedish nonprofit organization focused on the electrification and the power system transition. We aim to build networks and knowledge that accelerate the sustainable transition. Together with our partners, Power Circle conduct research and knowledge-sharing, as well as facilitates dialouge and development of best practices. 

We believe that knowlegde and collaboration are two crucial tools to achieve a rapid energy transition that reaches our climate goals. By sharing information and inspiration about new technologies and the future electricity system, Power Circle contributes to the development of both society and the industry.


Learn more about the power system throurh our series of white papers.

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Lokala flexibilitetsmarknader
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Our Team

CEO Johanna Lakso

Johanna Lakso


Johanna is in charge of the team with a comprehensive knowledge on flexibility, e-mobility and the future power system.

Energy system expert Anna Wolf

Anna Wolf


Anna is mainly working with issues related to power systems, energy storage, electrification, renewable energy and flexible resources.

David Mowitz


David is mainly working with issues related to the electrification of the transport system, e-mobility and smart charging.

Elham Kalhori


Elham works with flexibility and the future power system through various projects and activities.

Hampus Thuresson


Hampus works with our statistics ELIS and the e-mobility area through various projects and activities.

Jesper Werneskog


Jesper works with the development of the power system through various projects and activities.


Here are the research projects and knowledge sharing projects that we are working on right now.

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Sweden Flex – flexibilitet...
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