Electrification and charging of heavy trucks


This white paper focuses on the transition to electrified heavy transport in Sweden, essential for achieving a fossil-free fleet by 2045. The report highlights the rise of electric lorry models suitable for local and regional use, underscores the importance of developing diverse charging infrastructures, including depots, semi-public, and public charging stations. It identifies the challenge of significant investments needed in charging facilities and the evolution of collaborative business models across the industry.

– This white paper is the first in series that investigates the electrification of heavy transport within the ScandELivery project, an Interreg-ÖKS funded project where we have the opportunity to contribute to the state of knowledge and facilitate the transition on transport electrification, says Simon Lundqvist, previous project manager at Power Circle. 

The paper envisions a future with over 12,500 electric lorries supported by extensive charging networks by 2030, emphasizing the need for initial financial support and technological advancements to ensure the success and efficiency of electric lorry operations.

Read the white paper here

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