Digitalization of the grid


This white paper highlights Sweden’s shift towards a digitalized electricity grid, a process driven by new governmental regulations, expected to be largely in place by 2025. The paper details the progression from basic digital upgrades to advanced, autonomous grid systems, showcasing innovative applications like digital twins and smart resource management.

– We see that there is a need to clarify what benefits grid owners and society can get from more digitalized electrical networks. That’s why we have produced this white paper, that gives a quick overview of all the benefits and elaborates what digitalization can mean in practice with examples, says Elham Kalhori, project manager at Power Circle. 

Key findings indicate varied digitalization levels across grid companies, with significant benefits including improved grid control, efficiency, and decision-making. The report emphasizes the need for skilled employers, enhanced data analysis tools, and adherence to regulatory and cybersecurity standards to fully realize the potential of grid digitalization.

Read the white paper here

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