Measure, understand, act – Plexigrid joins Power Circle


Plexigrid was born to bring clarity to the electrical system. The energy transition happening right now is pushing the power systems to work in different ways from what they were originally designed for. In this scenario, Plexigrid provides simplicity, with solutions that allow real time monitoring, analysis, and energy management.

“The Plexigrid philosophy is very straightforward: first you need to see what is happening, then you need to understand why this is happening, and when you can see and you understand, you can act in the right way,“ says Rubén Medina, Co-Founder of Plexigrid.

Now Plexigrid, a european start up, joins Power Circle’s network of partners involved in the energy transition.

“Power Circle, as a catalyst in this energy transition, is the right partner to work together with towards a more sustainable future. It creates the right forum to share and exchange knowledge about what is available and what is needed,” says Rubén Medina.

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