Adaptricity AG joins Power Circle!


– Adaptricity has the mission of transforming the electricity sector, we achieve this by providing digital tools that allow DSOs to fully accomplish the Smart Grids of the future, says Tommaso Miori, international business developer at Adapricity AG.  

The Swiss company has made it its vision to foster efficient, digitized and sustainable energy infrastructure, and implements this by developing highly innovative software that enables grid operators to automate repetitive tasks such as connection requests and time-series based analyses of grid behavior across all voltage levels, and to evaluate effects of demand response, OLTCs and electric vehicles planning and operation. 

The company’s most recent tool, Adapricity.Mon (Monitoring) enables real-time data and simulation driven grid transparency across all grid levels; with this software suite, Adaptricity believes that grid planning, operation and asset management are becoming ready for a new dynamic energy world. 

The application Adaptricity.Mon enables real-time data and simulation-driven grid transparency across all grid levels.

–  We are very happy to add Adaptricity to our network of partners, especially considering their inventive solutions. There is a growing need for digitalization in the power system, and Adaptricity has an interesting set of tools, says Johanna Lakso, CEO of Power Circle.  

As the transformation of energy systems picks up pace, distribution grids are becoming increasingly complex and expensive. With their own innovative SmartGrid platform, Adaptricity seeks to assist distribution grid operators by helping them to adapt to the latest developments and implement cost-effective distribution grids. Furthermore, the company has recently obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification as an important strategic step in their mission to offer reliable data security and quality management. 

– We believe that the digital era of DSOs starts here, and the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications serve as a reliable evidence that we can handle the data security topics that nowadays are becoming increasingly important in the energy sector, Tommaso Miori concludes. 

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